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Anchor [Oneshot]

Title: Anchor
Rating: PG
Pairing: Kaisoo
Warning: veryslighthinted!abuse/bullying
Disclaimer: I own the plot only.
Summary: Kyungsoo has so many stories. Jongin has nothing to tell.

He never really engaged in what was going on. The world went by around him easily, slipping past him without any great impact. Every now and then he would slide back into reality, worry and anxiety seeping into his thoughts, noticing all the little things that he would have missed, before dipping right back into the clouds.
He never really cared about anything as he drifted through his days, morning and night blurring together without alarm. Emotion hadn't ever overtaken him; sure, he'd shed tears, he'd laughed, but none of it really meant anything to him. His body simply put on an act.

He's still in a period of haze as he walks down the lonely streets of his town, kicking stones lazily across the pavement. Wind sweeps through his hair as he rounds the corner, and reality bumps quietly into him again at what he sees.

The world is a terrible place.

This is the conclusion he comes to when he watches silently as a boy climbs out of the dumpster, heavily bruised and beaten up.

I am a terrible person.

This is the conclusion he comes to when he sees the tear-stained face, covered in cuts and dirt, and realises that his emotions have no reaction. No pity, no sympathy. He feels nothing for him. He still walks towards him and helps him up, though, because now the boy has seen him looking, and his body puts on it's automatic facade of kindness.
The boy has dusty black hair that he hides behind, and wide, brown eyes under dark lashes.
He tries to smile and look friendly but he's not sure how it's working.

The air is thick between them as they stand there after the short initial contact, arms dangling lamely by their sides.

"What's your name?" He decides to say, trying to break the uncomfortable tension.
"Kyungsoo", he says, in the smallest voice that he has ever heard.
"I'm Jongin."
Kyungsoo nods a tiny nod of acknowledgment before dropping his gaze back to his feet.
"Do you live near here? I can walk you home." Jongin says, feeling it pointless to just leave now.

Somewhere between awkwardly shuffling away from the dumpster and arriving at Kyungsoo's front gate, Jongin discovers that he has grown feelings. His smile is no longer uncomfortable on his face when he bids farewell, and his words no longer painfully forced out of his mouth. They exchange full names and phone numbers and Jongin thinks that Kyungsoo's voice has gotten a little bit louder, that he's standing a little bit taller, and that just as he leaves, there might have even been the tiniest little tug at the corners of his lips.

Jongin considers them friends.


Kyungsoo tells him about his family, his school, his life. He starts off vaguely but ends with detail, his eyes red, hands trembling and clutching his knees. Jongin hands him a box of tissues and wraps his arm around his shoulders. Kyungsoo has so many stories, so many events and so many characters. The first one he tells Jongin was the first one he remembered, the earliest one; and he continues chronologically. Listening to the dates, the ages and the times that Kyungsoo tells him, he always thinks that the next one might be the last - the last one until that day by the dumpster. But it’s not. There is always something else, something else that lead onto this, that lead into that.


Sometimes Kyungsoo asks Jongin about his life and his memories, quietly and cautiously and Jongin wants to tell him like Kyungsoo has told Jongin but he can’t, because he doesn’t remember, he doesn’t know.

Kyungsoo has so many stories.
Jongin has nothing to tell.

Jongin still goes to school and Kyungsoo doesn’t. Kyungsoo stays in the corner of his house as his family fights, and Jongin stays in the back of his classroom as he thinks about Kyungsoo. He slips out as soon as the bell for dismissal rings to hold Kyungsoo, to hold and listen to him until night comes and takes him instead.

Sometimes Kyungsoo turns to Jongin after he’s finished one, looks up at him through wet lashes and Jongin feels his heart beat louder and faster than it should, and he kicks himself internally for wanting to kiss Kyungsoo’s entire face.

He’s been through enough trauma and devastation for three lifetimes, Jongin thinks one afternoon, leaning against the side of his bed with Kyungsoo leaning into him. His shirt is wet from Kyungsoo’s tears like it always is and he holds him tighter like he always does, rubbing slow circles over his shoulders and back until he feels Kyungsoo’s breathing ease and his muscles relax. Jongin lies him down in his lap and places a hesitant kiss over Kyungsoo’s forehead when he thinks he’s asleep, before sliding his eyes shut and letting the clouds take him too. Kyungsoo’s face is pink.


It’s been almost a year of stories and spilled memories when Kyungsoo gets to the end; when he gets to their beginning.
“And then I met you”, he says to Jongin, his voice fading and his eyebrows crease a little in apprehension and he seems to expect Jongin to tell him to leave, his huge explanation for their tiny meeting over, Jongin’s curiosity fulfilled.

Jongin kisses him instead.

It’s salty and soft and warm and everything Jongin has ever dreamed of as Kyungsoo melts into his arms and smiles into his lips, hands threading through hair and gripping at shoulders and damp fabric. Jongin smiles too.

Kyungsoo's life is far from fixed, it's far from pleasant or easy but maybe he can still be content. He can still be happy.
He's better now, Jongin thinks, and his own eyes are brighter, and his own smile is wider.

Kyungsoo's stories and memories have bled into Jongin like they are his own. He's less empty, less blank. He feels more like a person now, a real person.

Kyungsoo doesn't hide anymore.

Jongin knows exactly what is going on.

A/N: my first fanfic ever i'm sorry it's so crap D:
but um yeah i actually wrote it for this school thing about tolerance and understanding and "what the world needs now" but i had exo in mind (as always lmao) and at the very start it was going to be baekyeol and then i was like no and i sort of just left it for a while and then i came back and turned it into kaisoo.......
yeah anyway let me know what you think if you bothered reading it, it's like unbeta'd and everything because i just idk this is embarrassing OTL (so tell me if there's anything i need to fix)
Henry Lau is never anything less than absolutely, stunningly gorgeous.
Henry Lau is not inferior to anyone. He is superior to everyone.
Even Chuck Norris.
It is both physically and emotionally impossible to not love Henry Lau.
Nobody hates Henry Lau. "haters" are only people who do not have enough heart and brain capacity to handle the immense amount of love they feel for Henry Lau, and therefore some of that love has to move into other areas, confusing the person and making them think that they hate him or slightly dislike him.
Henry Lau does not have fans or groupies.
Henry Lau has minions and concubines.
Henry Lau is the definition of everything.
Even negative things, because when Henry Lau is the definition, it is never negative.
Henry Lau is the ruler of the entire universe and beyond ever.
He has his own dimension which overrules all laws of everything.
It is called Winland.
Winland is situated right next to Finland in the 17th dimension.
The 17th dimension exists because of Henry.
Henry Lau is so great and awesome that even Winland does not win against His Lauliness.
Never venture into the depths of Winland before engaging in a preparation course of twenty years. And even then, you must still wear the regulation Lauprotection gear and be extremely careful.
Nobody can be within 5 kilometres of Henry Lau without full body and eye protection without melting completely. And no, not just 'melting' as in the fangirl way, but physically melting. Including bones.
As ELFs, EFLs and Strings, we all know that all Super Junior members (a.k.a Henry's 14 favourite concubines) and SM staff etc all wear appropriate protection when meeting and being in contact with Henry Lau. Unfortunately, however, the lives of many new staff have been lost due to the melting off of faces, some especially careless ones melting completely because of the utter awesome that is Henry Lau.
They have all been revived and healed now, though it did take a very long time to get back into their original shape because they were silly and unprepared and therefore deemed unworthy of the full power of healing by the Great Lau.
Henry Lau can cure anything just by glancing in that general direction.
Even ugliness.
Henry Lau does not break things. They simply crumble and/or explode under the gentle but shockingly awesome touch of Henry Lau.
He is only shockingly awesome because nobody can be prepared for Henry Lau.
Henry Lau is never at fault. It is always the fault of the other - whether it another person, an animal, or an inanimate object. They obviously just cannot handle the Lau.
Even when it doesn't seem that way, it is only because the Laugod has planned it that way. - in order to be kind and level himself down to the standard of us mere mortals.
On the 11th of October, 2009 (Which we all know was the Laugod's 20th Birthday), Henry Lau's official celebratory cake was not smashed into His holy face. The cake was drawn towards his face like a magnet, and unfortunately, destroyed.
Henry was once a successful businessman. However, due to scheduele conflicts, He had to hand over His business to the next most capable owner. This owner is now known as "The Sun".
Although, Henry Lau is still technically the owner because He is the owner of the entire Universe and beyond.
If you have 5 apples, and Henry Lau has 5 apples, Henry Lau has more. Every time.
Henry Lau is relevant. Always.
Henry Lau can lick his elbow.
Henry Lau can sneeze with his eyes open.
Henry Lau can breathe underwater.
Henry Lau can speak every language ever in the/His entire Universe.
Everything belongs to Henry.
People do not do things at the same time as Henry Lau.
Henry Lau is always first.
Various miracles have happened while Henry Lau's music played.
An ecstatic minion and previous non-believer said: "At the sound of the first note of the Laugod's henwin, my crippled grandmother of 98 years got out of her wheelchair and danced around". Another said that "When I played a recording of His celestial voice, all of my dead house-plants sprung back to life, bright green and flowering". And there is still more evidence of Henry the Great's lausome, a 7 year old child, previously both deaf and blind, was "In utter awe, because when an image of His godly face was shown in front of my eyes, and his phantasmagorical musical talent was played in my ears, My blindness and deafness were cured. I then found a video with His paradisiacal presence in it, and I caught my goldfish crying because of the win".
Henry Lau does not die.
Henry Lau takes breaks from Earth for a few generations at a time because if He were constantly here, the world be unable to handle all the osm and Lauliness that is Henry Lau.
And of course, Henry Lau has to pay attention to all the other universes and dimensions that he rules, which is all of them.
At concerts and fanmeets, Henry Lau protection is given out at the entrance. Non-believers who are uneducated about Henry Lau's osm suffer intense full-body melting.
Luckily though, we were all born with a thin layer of Lauprotection, for unpredicted and small doses of The Lau, such as photo viewing and tv program watching.
The Official Henry Lau Minion Organisation also sends us this important piece of information:
For safe Laugod viewing -or any sort of contact, no matter if one sided or not- always use Lauprotection gear!
Lauprotection gear cannot be reused, make sure you have at least three foldable sets in your purse/wallet/bag.
Do not deny the Lau: He has power, and has the choice to use it. He doesn't even need His faithful instruments; His violin and bow, because He also has physical strength on His side (of course, everything is on His side), stored in His trusty Henguns.
Henry Lau is also the only person who can roundhouse kick Chuck Norris, easily.
You do not want him on your bad side.
Henry Lau defies the laws of human anatomy.
He can limbo under 30 centimetres, casually with space to spare for his hands.
The only thing that The Great Lau has not done absolutely successfully is tone down his sex appeal. His sex appeal is just too much.

To conclude, I will leave you with His wise quote:
"Bitch, please."

Let us marvel at this methodology of life.
All hail the Laugod, Henry the Great, Big H Rollin'

Follow His Lead, Henry Lau is all you will need."